A Trio of Triple-Doubles Shines in Matchup with the Wizards

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Nikola Jokic’s reign as the top basketball player in the world reached a new pinnacle on Thursday.

In the Nuggets’ matchup with the Wizards, Jokic achieved a Triple-Double against every NBA team he had encountered, with the exception of Washington.

Jokic appears to be effortlessly achieving an average Triple-Double of 26.1 points, 12.0 rebounds, and 8.9 assists per game this season. His 16 triple-doubles rank second only to 18-year-old Domantas Sabonis. He also surpassed LeBron James to claim the fourth spot on the all-time list earlier this year.

After achieving the accomplishment against the wizards on Thursday, he has now joined James and Russell Westbrook in the prestigious Triple-Double Club.

Nikola Jokic Records Triple-Doubles: Denver’s Star Player Joins Elite Group in Matchup with Washington Wizards.
Regardless of whether he acknowledges it or not, Jokic performed as if he was cognizant of the potential historical significance he could achieve against the Wizards on Thursday.

A player with a Triple-Double record, Jokic has been hesitant to achieve this feat against any team in the NBA except for the Nuggets. However, he came close to reaching his goal at halftime with 10 points, 14 rebounds, and nine assists. In the second half, he assisted Aaron Gordon in scoring Denver’s first basket, successfully completing the Triple-Double.

Jokic became the third player in NBA history to achieve a Triple-Double against every team in the League, joining James and Westbrook.
He ended the match with a total of 21 points, 19 rebounds, and 15 assists, while making all 10 of his shots from the field, leading his team to a victory against Washington.

It’s stunning. It’s unique,” Jokic expressed about his most recent display. “When I retire, it will serve as a legacy or something significant. This is a crucial milestone.

James and Westbrook, having played for multiple teams, remain members of their own exclusive Club. The two future Hall of Famers accomplished a Triple-Double against every single one of the 30 NBA teams – a feat that Jokic could only accomplish by departing from the Nuggets.

In 2019, James became the first player to accomplish this feat. Surprisingly, it was the Thunder, not his former teams the Cavaliers or the Heat, who were the final team he achieved a Triple-Double against. James scored 25 points, grabbed 11 rebounds, and dished out 10 assists to guide the Lakers to victory over Oklahoma City.

In 2020, Westbrook James achieved a historic feat. While playing for the Rockets, he recorded 32 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds in a defeat against the Thunder.

Most triple-doubles in the history of the NBA.
Jokic is making his way up the ladder of all-time triple-doubles in the NBA. As previously stated, he surpassed James and is now in fourth place for this season.

Jokic is just 17 triple doubles shy of surpassing Magic Johnson, but he still has 60 years to go before reaching Oscar Robertson and 77 (and counting) before claiming Westbrook’s crown.

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Rewritten text:
Russell Westbrook, 198 years of age.
Two-time NBA MVP Oscar Robertson, with a career total of 181 awards.
Three Magic Johnson 138
Nikola Jokic, number 4, with a score of 121.

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