England Women’s Dominant Debut: 7-2 Win Against Austria

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Clinton, Russo, Mead, Carter, and Daly all contributed to the scoresheet as the lionesses achieved a significant win in Marbella. This first match of 2024 provided a much-needed boost for Sarina Wiegman’s team after a frustrating 2023, as they prepare for the Euro 2025 qualifiers later this year. Despite the presence of Virginia Kirchberger, the victory was not without its challenges.
England defeats Austria 7-2 in friendly with goals from Grace Clinton, Alessia Russo, and Beth Mead. Clinton also scores on her international debut.

Clinton, a 20-year-old midfielder from Man Utd who is currently on loan at Tottenham, seized the opportunity to shine with an impressive display in a wet Marbella. She entered the game after Lauren Hemp’s center and quickly scored a goal inside the post.

At that point, England had already conceded a goal, as Russo was the first to react and redirect the rebound from Mead’s shot from close range, just three minutes into the game.

The rapid beginning was hindered when Virginia Kirchberger took Austria’s initial corner after thirty minutes, also scoring a late consolation with her header. However, England’s reaction to this initial setback was commendable and Mead responded swiftly.

Russo’s second goal of the night – thanks to England gaining possession at the top of the field – highlighted the superiority of the European champion, who continued to apply pressure in the second half until Jess Carter scored a fantastic fifth goal.

Mead and Rachel Daly scored on the counter-attack in a late burst of goals, following Kirchberger’s second goal of the night. This gave Wiegman some food for thought during training before England’s upcoming friendly against Italy on Tuesday.

However, following a disappointing 2023, where England suffered defeat in the Women’s World Cup Final and failed to qualify for the Olympics due to their performance in the Nations League, this win and display were a much-needed morale boost. The team will now focus on qualifying for Euro 2025 later this year.

Wiegman on Kelly, Kirby injuries

Wiegman successfully executed her Match strategy as Chloe Kelly was unable to play due to a tap-in and Fran Kirby had to warm up.

The England manager stated that Chloe’s condition is improving. We are currently looking into her situation and are optimistic that she will return on Tuesday. During the pre-game preparations, Fran experienced some discomfort in her knee and in such situations, I will not risk anyone’s health. We will assess her condition on Saturday. She was prepared to play but unfortunately had to withdraw, so she is understandably disappointed.

How England overtook Austria Sept…

Neither of these teams will participate in the Olympics, however, England’s exceptional skill was evident from the start as Mead quickly entered the penalty area and pressured Austria and Arsenal goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger, causing her to deflect the ball towards the advancing Russian player.

He scored his second goal from the opposite center, with Hemp easily getting past his defender and passing the ball to Clinton for a successful shot. It was a fantastic beginning to his debut for the England team, as the young players were in awe when she hit the crossbar just moments after the game began in front of a small audience in the southern region of Spain.

Wiegman: It looked easy, but we played very well

Sarina Wiegman, the England Manager, expressed to ITV Sport her satisfaction with the match. She praised the team’s playing style, their intentions, and their dominance on the pitch. The defense consistently pressed high and made efforts to win the ball, allowing for a well-played game. This strategy was successfully executed for the majority of the match.

We were able to score seven impressive goals and generate numerous chances. While I am pleased with all seven goals, there are minor details that may not meet our satisfaction. Unfortunately, we allowed two goals from corner kicks, which we hope to avoid on Tuesday. There is always room for improvement and learning.

Clinton had a fantastic beginning, playing exceptionally well. Her training had paid off and she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I am pleased for her, as this was a great goal.

We are focused on the future. While it is disappointing to miss out on the Nations League and Olympics, our goal is to compete in major tournaments. We have all been let down by this, but we must move forward and work towards a better outcome. These friendly matches allow us to test many players and try out new combinations. Our upcoming match against Italy will be challenging. After that, our attention will shift to the Euro qualifiers and the EURO next year.

All of the new players performed admirably. At times, it appeared effortless for them, but our team played exceptionally. Austria is a formidable opponent and we did not allow them much room. When we did, they posed a threat. Each individual contributed on the field.

Clinton: dreams are made of it

Newcomer and top scorer in English, Grace Clinton, on Sky Sports: “It’s a dream come true. I can hardly believe it, but I’m overjoyed. She mentioned trying me in a new position this week, but the encouragement from the team really boosted me.”

She stated to ITV Sport: “without a doubt [the greatest Moment of my profession] when I entered the match, it was likely the most significant game of my career up to this point. That it ended up like this, I am extremely pleased.”

The level of competition is incredibly high, with a multitude of talented players on the team. Being in her presence is an extraordinary opportunity. Participating in such a competitive environment is the ultimate goal.

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